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Researched and Compiled by Peter Nielsen

DIARY OF WWII NORTH QUEENSLAND (UPDATE)” CD-ROM – Book, (PDF), is a Mega-Update of a small printed book DIARY OF WWII NORTH QUEENSLANDby the same author, published in 1993.

This document encompasses every aspect of Military presence in North Queensland from 1939 to 1946, (Land, Sea & Air), in an area from Mackay to Horn Island and west to Mount Isa ; a collation of events and happenings in chronological order.

It records precisely, the movements of “who, what, when and where” of RAN/MN/USN/AIF/Militia/RAAF/USAAF /AWAS/AAMWS/WRAAF/VAD/AWLA/VDC/VAAOC/CCC/AWC units, troops, squadrons, ships etc. which berthed/encamped/stationed/trained within North Queensland during those war years – Who/What arrived - from Where, and When they departed - to Where.

This includes locations of camp sites, airfields, training areas, military hospitals; special training or research experimental facilities, anti‑aircraft batteries; fortifications; gun emplacements; airstrips; air crashes; RDF/Radar stations; HF/DF stations; buildings that were requisitioned for Military use; those structures etc., that were built for the military by the AWC/CCC; and any remnants that remain today of any of the above. Also mentioned are memorials that have been since dedicated to any of the above.  It further covers Commonwealth War Graves in the NQ region and circumstances of death, (where known), of all Australian Service men and women interred in same.

This document has been formatted to PDF, which has a “Search” function and to make this huge document more ‘user friendly’ a colour scheme has been introduced as follows: -


Australian Army: e.g. 2/1 Australian Infantry Battalion OR 2/1 Aust Inf Bn Green
Royal Australian Air Force: e.g. RAAF No.24 Squadron Blue
US Forces: e.g. USAAF 8th Fighter Squadron Yellow
Basic Ship data: when vessel is first mentioned Purple
Undesirable events: Enemy action, ship groundings or collisions, ship crew problems, aircraft mishaps, crashes, deaths etc, and all other accidents or mishaps Brown
Attention getter: for important events or happenings Pink
General information: Light Blue/Green
Shipping movements: Shades of grey


N.B. This is not a DVD, but a Data CD-ROM (2,000 page) Book in PDF - (viewable only on a computer).


Author, Peter Nielsen

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